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Midland Acres welcomes
Dr. Amanda J. Durand to the farm

Dr. Amanda J. Durand, DVM

Midland Acres Standardbred Farm is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Amanda J. Durand, DVM to the farm as a new attending staff veterinarian. She will be joining the reproductive team, caring for all on-farm horses and foals, as well as outside clients hauling in horses. A native of Connecticut and a graduate of the Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine, her passion for veterinary medicine in reproduction, neonatal foal care, and intensive critical care medicine. Before joining Midland Acres, Dr. Durand worked extensively in equine private practice and has significant experience in both basic on-farm general surgery (laceration repair, castration, wound management) and internal medicine. She recently completed a program in Animal Chiropractic for horses and dogs at the Animal Chiropractic Education Source in Texas. The esteemed program required over 240 hours of classroom and clinical case-based work. In her free time, Dr. Durand enjoys her two chihuahua-mix dogs Poncho and Peter, and trail riding her Tennessee Walking Horse, John Henry. Dr Durand has worked in the Standardbred industry for several years. She is glad to be helping continue the legacy of the Mossbarger family at Midland Acres; and looks forward to continuing the tradition of the farm and building on the strong Standardbred racing foundation in the great state of Ohio.

2-Year-Old Colt Trotter of the Year


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Midland Acres is located in Bloomingburg, Ohio; we welcome old and new clients to visit our farm where we pride ourselves on the services we can provide.  There is a great deal of appreciation for our owners who have allowed us to breed and raise their standardbred racehorses. 

We continue to work hard to provide high-caliber stallions for the great state of Ohio. With the addition of Monte Miki, Ready For Moni, and Summa Cum Laude; Midland Acres feels it has boosted the potential of our stallion barn to produce great racehorses for all owners in our industry.  

Please visit our stallions page or call our office for any questions.

Pictured above: Midland Acres main farm. Front to back is the office and stallion barn, breeding shed and lab, 13 turn out paddocks, 3 all purpose barns providing 55 of our 125 available stalls, and way in the back (on the hill) the foaling barn surrounded by multiple acres for mares and foals.

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